Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stitch Fix #11 - February 2016

My birthday was a couple of days ago.  I ordered this fix strategically (planning for my off week of course) but also hoping for something to wear to my party this weekend.  Every year we throw a big shindig at the house, mainly to try to see some of my friends that I don't see as often since kids, life, etc. happened!

For those of you who have never heard of Stitch Fix or want to know more about it, here's a quick run down:

Stitch Fix is a service that will send you five articles of clothing (or purses,scarves, or jewelry) picked by a stylist at whatever interval you choose based on a style profile you fill out about yourself.  You pay a $20 styling fee for each box, but that money goes toward anything you keep.  So as long as at least one item works for you, there's nothing to lose.  And if you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount.

You don't have to sign up for a certain time period between fixes.  You could try it one time and never get another fix or get another one 2 years later!  There's no cost commitment until you schedule a fix.  When the box ships, that's when you are charged the $20 styling fee.

You can create a Pinterest board dedicated to your style and put the link in your style profile so that your stylist can see what items you like and why.  I love when I receive something I actually pinned or something very similar to a pin on my board!

I signed up for Stitch Fix last March, and this is my 11th box.  I had a fill-in stylist last month, but since I kept everything, I wanted her back if Ashley wasn't available.  I was kind of hoping I wouldn't love everything this month though because a monthly fix can be expensive when you keep five items so often!  Here is my note to my stylist:

I would like Ashley (or Anne, if Ashley is unavailable) to style me please! This fix will be my birthday fix! I would love to try some shoes (I think you have some now). I'd also love some colorful tops (like the blue Barret cold shoulder).

Here is what came in my 11th box:

(1) Pixley Stacey Scallop Hem Cut-Out Detail Skirt $64

 I had pinned this exact skirt, so I was excited to receive it!  I was also worried because a lot of reviews said it runs small.  I am able to get it on and zip it up, and I love the fact that it is a solid color.  I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it because I don't wear skirts too often.  It also only has the scalloped detail and cut-outs on the front of the skirt.

 Here is a close up of the scallop and cut-out detail.  I have been trying to practice more with my camera as I blog as well.  I'm starting to get more comfortable with manual mode.  I actually went back upstairs twice to redo some of the pictures.  But taking pictures in the living room rather than outside makes the shots with me in them not turn out as well. 

It was hard to find something to match this skirt.  Anne (my stylist) said I should tuck a shirt in to show off the red waistband, but I am lacking in shirts that match blue and red.  I found an off white tank and also tried it with item #4 from this fix.

(2) Skies are Blue Talar Split Neck Top $54

 I wasn't feeling this top from the moment I pulled it out of the box.  It's a denim color with polka dots, and I don't really do denim shirts.  I tried it on though, and it fits really well and is pretty comfy.  Probably not worth keeping though.
 This photo shows the contrast between the outside and inside color.  When the sleeves are rolled up, it has a neat effect with the light and dark denim.

I paired it with my new over-the-knee boots and my Just Black jeans from Fix #7 and my Liverpool pants from Fix #10.  After trying the shirt on again, I am reminded that it is SO soft and comfortable!  My husband said I look like I should be on Saved by the Bell though.  Maybe it comes in another color?

(3) 41Hawthorn McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse $48

 I pinned this shirt too!!  Purple is my favorite!!  I think this might be my party top! 
 It is a tad bit short, but I love the airy sleeves.  Here is a close-up of the lace pattern.  So pretty!!

(4) RD Style Blair Cold Shoulder Pullover Sweater $88

 This sweater doesn't really meet my colorful top criterion, but I LOVE cold shoulder tops.  I received one that I had pinned back in Fix #7 in October, and I have pinned every top with this style that I can find.

I'm thinking this outfit might be good for date night tomorrow! 

(5) Kensie Rebekah Stretch Crepe Blazer $88

I had also pinned a blazer just like this one since I don't own any.  I like the polka dot interior that shows if you cuff the sleeves.  I like the navy color and feel that it would match a lot of things, but I'm not even sure how these things are supposed to fit!  The blazer looks too tight on me when buttoned, and I feel like the arms are a little too short.  Someone let me know if this is normal!  I will probably not keep it due to the funny fit and price.

Here it is over my blouse from Fix #5. I think I may have to keep trying for the perfect blazer.  I tried a t-shirt and dress with it as well, but it just didn't look right to me. 

I'll have to take the next few days to think it over and decide what to keep.  I get three days to decide what to keep and what to send back.  I fill out a checkout survey to give specific feedback on each item so that my next fix can be even better.  Then I put the rejects in a prepaid envelope and drop it off at the post office.

Click here to sign up using my code!  I get a referral credit, and you get to join in on the fun!  Playing dress up has never been so easy!  If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below!  Thanks for reading!

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