Friday, January 29, 2016

Stitch Fix #10 - January 2016

Vegas tried to kill me.  I've been fighting a bad cold for a week now, so I'm trying to make myself feel pretty today.  I got my hair cut and got my tenth fix, so things are looking up a little bit!  Here's my explanation of Stitch Fix, so if you've already heard this part before, feel free to scroll on down!

Stitch Fix is a service that will send you five articles of clothing (or purses,scarves, or jewelry) picked by a stylist at whatever interval you choose based on a style profile you fill out about yourself.  You pay a $20 styling fee for each box, but that money goes toward anything you keep.  So as long as at least one item works for you, there's nothing to lose.  And if you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount.

You don't have to sign up for a certain time period between fixes.  You could try it one time and never get another fix or get another one 2 years later!  There's no cost commitment until you schedule a fix.

You can create a Pinterest board dedicated to your style and put the link in your style profile so that your stylist can see what items you like and why.  It's neat to receive something I actually pinned or something very similar to a pin on my board!

I have been receiving a fix monthly since March.   I still have my settings set to one fix per quarter, but now I look forward to working on my blog every month, so I've been requesting them early.  I like being able to schedule the day the package arrives, so that I can work it around my work schedule (and my husband's travel schedule!)  Now I have until Monday to check out and decide what to keep and what to send back in my prepaid bag that is sent in the box.  I also complete a check out survey to give specific feedback about why I kept or sent back each item so that my next fix can be even better!

This month, I requested my stylist Ashley.  In my note I asked for some pants, no dresses and light sweaters or layering pieces.  It turns out Ashley is not available this month, so Anne styled my fix for me.  Here's what came in the box:

(1) Market & Spruce Yuna Chevron Pointelle Knit Sweater $68

I cheated and saw that I was getting this sweater and was so excited because I had pinned it!  BUT, I am not a fan of the color at all.  I already have a couple of sweaters this color, so I am a little bummed.  The sweater is very soft and lightweight, but I felt like it needed a tank top under it because of the holes.  

This one may be a keeper just for the discount, depending on what I decide about the other items.

(2) Market & Spruce Margerie Stripe & Dot Open Cardigan $68

Another item that I had pinned!  My new stylist really paid attention to my Pinterest board!  This cardigan is described as navy, but I feel like it's almost a purple color.  I really like the stripe and dot pattern, but I am not sure how many items I own that I can match this one to.

I tried both a white t-shirt and my gray tank from Fix #4 in July.  I'm torn about this one.  I like the way it it gathered in the back.  The style card also paired it with a dress, but I didn't like the way that looked on me.

(3) Liverpool Rizzo Skinny Pant $98

I had requested these pants by name a few months back.  I'm so glad Anne was finally able to deliver!  I love these pants.  They are thick enough, have pockets in the back, and no buttons or zippers.  They feel great on and are just the right length.  Anne suggested I try them with my blouse from Fix #7.

I also tried them with:

(4) Papermoon Akron Tie Back Knit Top $54

I love this top as well.  It is soft, can be casual or dressy, and I like where the hemline falls.  The tie back is a cute little add-on that gives it some flair from the back.

Since it is grey and black, it will match everything.  It also goes well with my 5th item.

(5) Zad Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff $28

This cuff is the first piece of jewelry I have received from Stitch Fix.  I'm pretty picky about jewelry, but I think they picked a good piece for me.  It is simple, will match anything, and I don't have many bracelets.  I think I was looking for one to go with some of my dresses last month.  Here's how it looks on:

So, even though I didn't have my regular stylist, I think Anne did a great job with this fix.  Do they just get me so well that I will end up keeping everything every time?  Do I want to keep the sweater and cardigan?  Give me some feedback in the comments below!

 I'll have to take the next few days to think it over and decide what to keep.  I get three days to decide what to keep and what to send back.  I fill out a checkout survey to give specific feedback on each item so that my next fix can be even better.  Then I put the rejects in a prepaid envelope and drop it off at the post office.

Click here to sign up using my code!  I get a referral credit, and you get to join in on the fun!  Playing dress up has never been so easy!

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