Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stitch Fix #4 - July 2015

I started using Stitch Fix in March 2015.  Basically, it's a service that will send you five articles of clothing picked by a stylist at whatever interval you choose based on a style profile you fill out about yourself.  You pay a $20 styling fee for each box, but that money goes toward anything you keep.  So as long as at least one item works for you, there's nothing to lose.  And if you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount.  My usual interval is once a quarter, but I got some referral credits (thank you friends!), so I scheduled my 4rd fix to arrive a month after my 3nd. 
After my first fix, I created a Pinterest page dedicated to styles I like.  I share that link with my stylist so that she can see what I like.  I can also send a note to her about anything specific I would like in a certain box. This month I requested some shirts, dresses and tanks that can be worn in this awful heat and also worn to work.  They also allow you to give specific feedback on the items so that they know why you kept or returned something.  This process should help them get to know your likes and dislikes as well as any little quirks about your style.

Here is what I received in my 4th fix:

(1) Gilli Kolby Printed Skirt $54

I wasn't too sure about this skirt at first.  I do like the elastic waistband (comfort is important!), but the pattern and material aren't my usual style.  I did find it very comfortable to wear, and I started thinking of more tops I have that will actually go with it.  I also think I could wear black leggings under it and make it work for the fall and winter.  I like the slits on the sides, and did I mention the elastic waistband?

(2) Pixley Bramley Back Lace Detail Knit Tank $54

I love the back of this tank top.  It's very plain otherwise, and I'm always looking for more color in my wardrobe, but I think this tank is versatile in that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  It's way more than I would pay for a tank top, but I'm thinking I may keep all five items this month, so this one would be free with the 25% buy 5 discount

(3) Pixley Florence Colorblocked Dress $68

I LOVE this dress.  I love the colors and the style and the way it fits.  I like the fact that you can wear a bra under it .  My one complaint about it is that it may be a little too short in the back. 

(4) Pixley Tamir Dress $64

I wasn't too thrilled about this dress because I have so much black and white in my wardrobe, but it's so cute!  And it gave me an excuse to bring out my black and white stilettos!  Of course, now I need an occasion to wear those shoes, but hey, we can work on that! 

(5) Daniel Rainn Anders Heart Print Split Neck Blouse $68

I had pinned this blouse, and my stylist sent it to me.  It doesn't fit quite as well as I would like in the shoulders, but it has sleeves, a tank to wear underneath, and isn't too tight on my hips.  I appreciate that the stylists take time to look at the ideas you pin and send them to you if they can!   

So I have to decide by Thursday.  Should I keep it all?  Am I actually going to be able to throw away that prepaid envelope with Fix #4?  I'm definitely liking this stylist and will probably request her next time.  If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, sign up here.  If you get a fix sent to you, I will receive a small referral credit that I can use toward my next fix.  Post any comments below!  I'd be happy to hear from you!